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– Consultant Neuropsychiatrist
Irshaad Ebrahim obtained his medical degree from the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, South Africa. He subsequently trained in Psychiatry at University College, London and Guy’s King’s and St. Thomas’ Hospitals.

He has postgraduate qualifications in Family Therapy, Neuropharmacology and Neuropsychiatry of Sleep and Memory disorders. He is an Honorary Consultant Neuropsychiatrist and Senior Fellow at The Sleep Disorders Centre St. Thomas’ Hospital, London where he leads the Insomnia Service and Research Team.

Irshaad has led a team of scientists and clinicians in studying the role of the brain peptide Hypocretin (Orexin) in Psychiatric, Sleep, Memory and Neurological Disorders. He has published in a variety of peer-reviewed publications and is a member of the British Medical Association, The Royal Society of Medicine, The British Sleep Society, The British Neuropsychiatry Association, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a committee member of the UK Narcolepsy Association (UKAN).

More recently he has been instrumental in establishing an International Research Collaboration in Narcolepsy with Professor Jerome Siegel at The Centre for Neurobiology Research at UCLA, California. In early 2003, he established the London Sleep Centre and is thought of as a pioneer in the world of Private Sleep Medicine in the UK.

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